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1. Shadows Fall: Madness in Manilla

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Shadows Fall: Madness in Manilla

Madness in Manila: Shadows Fall Live in the Philippines 2009, commonly referred to as simply Madness in Manila, is the second concert DVD by American thrash metal band Shadows Fall and was released on October 26, 2010 via Everblack Industries/Ferret Music. The disc included footage that was shot on April 30, 2009 at the Pulp Summer Slam in Manila, Philippines Tracklist: 1. “The Light That Blinds” 2. “Forevermore” 3. “Failure Of The Devout” 4. “Crushing Belial” 5. “Burning The Lives” 6. “A Public Execution” 7. “Casting Shade” 8. “Destroyer Of Senses” 9. “What Drives The Weak” 10. “The Power of I and I” 11. “Enlightened By The Cold” 12. “Thoughts Without Words” 13. “Inspiration On Demand” 14. “War” 15. “The Great Collapse” 16. “Redemption“