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1. I Love You, Man

  • Genres: Comedy
  • Popularity: 9.79
  • Vote Count: 726
  • Rating:
I Love You, Man

Peter Klaven is a successful real estate agent who, upon getting engaged to the woman of his dreams, Zooey, discovers, to his dismay and chagrin, that he has no male friend close enough to serve as his Best Man. Peter immediately sets out to rectify the situation, embarking on a series of bizarre and awkward "man-dates."

2. I Love You, Beth Cooper

  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Popularity: 9.831
  • Vote Count: 289
  • Rating:
I Love You, Beth Cooper

A valedictorian's declaration of love for a high-school cheerleader launches a night of revelry, reflection and romance for a group of graduating seniors.

3. P.S. I Love You

  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Popularity: 8.165
  • Vote Count: 1459
  • Rating:
P.S. I Love You

A young widow discovers that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life.

4. Everyone Says I Love You

  • Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance
  • Popularity: 7.834
  • Vote Count: 211
  • Rating:
Everyone Says I Love You

A New York girl sets her father up with a beautiful woman in a shaky marriage while her half sister gets engaged.

5. New York, I Love You

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Popularity: 6.941
  • Vote Count: 223
  • Rating:
New York, I Love You

New York, I Love You delves into the intimate lives of New Yorkers as they grapple with, delight in and search for love. Journey from the Diamond District in the heart of Manhattan, through Chinatown and the Upper East Side, towards the Village, into Tribeca, and Brooklyn as lovers of all ages try to find romance in the Big Apple.

6. I Love You Phillip Morris

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Popularity: 6.917
  • Vote Count: 699
  • Rating:
I Love You Phillip Morris

Steve Russell is a small-town cop. Bored with his bland lifestyle, Russell turns to fraud as a means of shaking things up. Before long, Russell's criminal antics have landed him behind bars, where he encounters the charismatic Phillip Morris. Smitten, Russell devotes his entire life to being with Morris regardless of the consequences.

7. I Love You to Death

  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
  • Popularity: 6.399
  • Vote Count: 96
  • Rating:
I Love You to Death

Joey Boca is the owner of a pizza parlor located in Tacoma, Washington, and has been married to Rosalie for years. Rosalie is horrified to discover that Joey is a womanizer and has been cheating on her for a long time. Based on the true story of Frances and Anthony Toto.

8. I Love You, Hater

  • Genres: Romance, Comedy
  • Popularity: 4.307
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
I Love You, Hater

Kris Aquino and Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, bring to life a story of love, honesty, and friendship in “I Love You, Hater.”

9. I Love You, Daddy

  • Genres: Drama, Comedy
  • Popularity: 4.006
  • Vote Count: 22
  • Rating:
I Love You, Daddy

When a successful television writer's daughter becomes the interest of an aging filmmaker with an appalling past, he becomes worried about how to handle the situation.

10. Tej I Love You

  • Genres: Romance, Drama
  • Popularity: 2.605
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Tej I Love You

Tej, a youngster who's highly attached to his family, is banished from his home by his uncle. He then finds himself in London, where he falls in love with Nandini. After long pursuit, he manages to win over her heart, but before she could even tell him, a tragic incident puts a full stop to their love story.

11. Hello I Love You

  • Genres: Comedy
  • Popularity: 2
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Hello I Love You

Andy Miller has asked a large number of women he didn't know to marry him. They said no. But Emma, a beautiful veterinary student agrees to go on some dates to see if they'll fall in love. Emma thinks this is all a joke set up by her roommate Mandy, but it's all a reality TV show created by Andy and Emma's the oblivious star.

12. I Love You Again

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Popularity: 1.674
  • Vote Count: 17
  • Rating:
I Love You Again

Boring businessman Larry Wilson recovers from amnesia and discovers he's really a con man...and loves his soon-to-be-ex wife.

13. Berlin, I Love You

  • Genres: Drama
  • Popularity: 1.564
  • Vote Count: 2
  • Rating:
Berlin, I Love You

The anthology feature of 10 stories of romance set in the German capital.

14. I Love You Renato

  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Popularity: 2.312
  • Vote Count: 6
  • Rating:
I Love You Renato

"I love you Renato" is a film about freedom and love in the lost 90s. The story takes place within the state of Rio in the historic city of Valença. The year is 1996, the year that marks the end of the famous Coca-Cola generation, the death of the typewriter and handwritten letters. Beto, Adriana and André embark on a journey of discovery, music and desire, until their lives and an entire generation is changed forever!

15. I Love You, I Love You Not

  • Genres: Drama, Family, Romance
  • Popularity: 1.264
  • Vote Count: 12
  • Rating:
I Love You, I Love You Not

School student and her European-born grandmother share sad stories of their lives.

16. I Love You Too

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Popularity: 1.389
  • Vote Count: 16
  • Rating:
I Love You Too

Written by comedian Peter Helliar, I LOVE YOU TOO stars Brendan Cowell as Jim, a 30-something emotionally stunted man whose inability to declare his love to his girlfriend, Alice, threatens to cost him the best thing he ever had but leads him to befriend a talented dwarf who helps him find the words to get her back.

17. Be Boy I Love You

  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Action
  • Popularity: 1.48
  • Vote Count: 0
  • Rating:
Be Boy I Love You

Phai returns home from studying abroad but finds his house empty. His neighbour Ton, tells him his parents has moved to get away from loan sharks. The next day the loan sharks capture Phai and Ton comes to the rescue but gets shot. Both of them manage to escape and Phai decides to nurse Ton. While recovering, suddenly Ton's ex-lover, Mike, returns and want them to get back together again and has a plan to get rid of Phai.

18. Love Is All You Need

  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Popularity: 8.293
  • Vote Count: 121
  • Rating:
Love Is All You Need

Romantic comedy from Academy Award winner Susanne Bier (Brothers, In a Better World), about two very different families brought together for a wedding in a beautiful old Italian villa.

19. I Love You

  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
  • Popularity: 1.147
  • Vote Count: 8
  • Rating:
I Love You

In another indictment of the flaws of our so-called civilization, this satire from the late director Marco Ferreri features Christopher Lambert as Michel, a miserable man who has failed at love and finds solace in a mechanical key holder.

20. Sorry if I Love You

  • Genres: Comedy
  • Popularity: 7.993
  • Vote Count: 241
  • Rating:
Sorry if I Love You

Scusa ma ti chiamo amore is a 2008 Italian film starring Raoul Bova and Michela Quattrociocche. Alex Belli (Bova) is a 37 year old advertising executive whose fiancée Elena has just left him, and who is having difficulty at work trying to think of a good advertising campaign for a new Japanese product. Niki is a bubbly 17 year old student. She has three best friends with whom she shares all her problems, and an annoying ex-boyfriend Fabio who is set on getting her back, but Niki's not interested. One day on his way to work, Alex collides with Niki on a city street. They soon begin a romance, despite their 20-year age gap.